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Frequently Asked Questions about Cashback & Coupon Web/ App Development Services, Process and More

Yes! We are the one who provides the Global Affiliate Partner. You can be comfortable with our Global Affiliate Network. You can also connect a country-wise affiliate partner with which you like.

Yeah...Customer can donate some or all of your cashback amount to charity. When you request payment of your Cashback, just select which charity you'd like to donate.

Yeap! Our Premium package is fully featured with 360-degree solutions.

Yes, of course, we Provide complementary Cashback Browser Extension which supports all types of Browsers.

Yes. Our Effective Cashback Script Supports All Languages. We offer Multilingual Features to our Clients.

If you purchase our cashback solutions, you get a ?domain to use while you are developing a new cashback website. Simply, You can change your DNS Settings to your existing domain name to your new cashback site

Yeah! our cashback Script supports all country currencies.

Yes Offcourse. Our Cashback Script is completely supported RTL. Adding RTL Support to your theme which can enormously increase your brand reputation.

We CashCraft offers the exclusive mobile pack with 90+ features which are accessible both on web and mobile platforms.

You can add a desirable affiliate partner to your cashback site. or you can upload a bulk affiliate network.

You can add your Coupons Manually. If you have a bulk amount of coupons, then you can upload it.

You can go to the affiliate-networks platform to add your site.

Business Owners can add their deals along with pictures to the website. They can also edit and delete the deals that are already added.

Our Coupons & Deals Solutions, if the Coupons' validity expires, then the coupons will be automatically removed.

You will get Missing Cashback and coupons Notification when Your User can claim their missing cashback.

Yes, you can use Credit Card based Cashback. You can deal with linked Credit Card partners. The customer makes a purchase on their credit card & get cashback

The Pricing Range of Our User-friendly Coupon App is $399 onwards. Discover more about our Pricing Packages.

Yes. Admin can integrate MLM Concept as a Referral Features to your Cashback Site. Referral commission is credited to the referrers only after the referred user makes a purchase.

Yeap... We have a 100% Customizable Cashback /Coupon Script. You can buy our custom cashback script based on your demands and needs.

Yes. We can renew your Cashback Site.

Absolutely yo can do that. With the help of CashCraft's Cashback Solutions, you can definitely do that.

Cashback Business is the Immortal in the digital era. some of the popular Cashback Business Platforms are,

  • Ebates (Rakuten)
  • TopCashback
  • Mr.Rebates
  • RetailmeNot
  • Cashkaro
  • Quidco

Affiliate Cashback Script is the collection of source codes that assist you to start a Cashback Business Platform.

Cashback Clone Scripts are the out-and-out packages of source code that you to build a cashback business platform for other popular cashback sites. It will act as a combined website by using this script

Some of the popular Cashback Website Clone Scripts are

  • Ebates Clone Script
  • Cashkaro Clone Script
  • RetailMeNot Clone Script
  • Topcashback Clone Script
  • Mr. rebates Clone Script

Our Cashback Script Supports all kinds of Payments Gateway globally. We'll integrate it for you.

Yes off course. We can integrate API. Our Client provides their favorite API then, we 'll integrate it.

Yes, you can modify the scripts unless those are encrypted. The encrypted files related to some root interaction between the system and the DB.

Sure. We'll install the script. You will have to do is to manage by your admin panel.

Yes... We can make any kind of Cashback Clones Website Script

Crowdfunding Cashback Script is a collection of source code that helps you to launch a Crowdfunding Cashback Business Platform.

It's for people or organizations who are ready to give funds that benefit the cause or goals. The organization can connect to people who share a passion for any kind of cause (globally)

As for Crowdfunding, the fund has raised between $ 50,000 to $1, 50, 000.

Yes. We can provide the Customizable Crowdfunding cashback Clone Script. All types of crowdfunding Clone Script are available at cashback script CashCraft.

some of the Popular Crowdfunding Clone Script is,

  • Ebates (Rakuten)
  • TopCashback
  • Mr.Rebates
  • RetailmeNot
  • Cashkaro
  • Quidco

It is an online marketplace that enables multiple merchants to sell their products.

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • eBay

New Features and Updates are Regularly being added.

Multi-Vendor E-commerce Script is a group of source code that assists you to run your own multi-vendor eCommerce business platform.

Readymade Multi vendor eCommerce Solutions which is similar to Amazon, eBay and Shopping Platform. The Amazon Clone Script is designed that includes all the existing features and benefits. Preferring Ready-made Solutions, you can save your time and cost.

Our CashCraft Team is here to clear your all doubts and to answer your questions. Additionally, round clock availability. you can easily contact our team via mail and chat.

No. There are no hidden cost and conditions

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You can contact our CashCraft Team and We will help you to convert your ideas and dreams to reality.

Life Time Upgrades will be given on purchasing of our Cashback Script.

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