GoFundMe Clone Script to Start Crowdfunding Business Like GoFundMe

GoFundMe Clone Script to Start Crowdfunding Business Like GoFundMe

CashCraft - Industry Leading Player Crowdfunding Website Development Company offering an elite GoFundMe Clone Script equipped with unbeatable features. 

What you will learn in this post:

(i) Who is GoFundMe?

(ii) GoFundMe Clone Script

(iii) Why Choosing GoFundMe?

(iv) GoFundMe Business Model

(v) How does GoFundMe Makes Money?

(vi) Business-Ready GoFundMe Clone Script:

(vii) The Conclusion


One of the world’s largest fundraising and crowdfunding platform. It can be best used to raise money for events, donations for medical treatments, soliciting funds to pay for college tuition, etc.

Go Fund Me is an American based Crowdfunding Platform that allows people to raise money for a particular cause. It is a Free Platform that has raised a $5 billion money on the platform from 2010 to 2017.

Founder: Brad Damphousse & Andrew Ballester

Launched Date: May 10, 2019

Damphousse and Ballester Generally created the website under the name "CreateAFund" in 2008 but later changed the name to GoFundMe after making numerous upgrades to the features of the website.

GoFundMe Clone Script:

Go fund Me Clone Script is trending crowdfunding platform in the Market Place. Develop a Crowdfunding Business like Gofund Me by using Gofund Me Clone Script. We CashCraft offering hassle-free Go Fund Me Clone Script with Flexible Crowdfunding Campaign System.
Our outstanding Go fund me the script is 100% customizable and White Label Crowdfunding Solutions. Go Fund Me Clone Script was developed using MEAN & MERN Stack Technology with an Open Source platform.

Why we Choose GoFundMe?

The Crowdfunding Platform is a drastic twist among the Competitive Digital era. The Fundraising business like GoFundMe still acts like a becan for a lot of small-scale business and Medium size enterprises. This Business platform includes profit-oriented and Non-profit business perspectives. The crowdfunding platform has more applications in forms of charity in the non-profit Business outlook.

Go Fund Me Business Model:

GoFunMe Crowdfunding Platform is started as a Profit-making Crowdfunding Business. Later period, a lot of strategy and priorities have changed to become a non-profit business perspective also. 

"Raise money for a real cause"

Today, GoFundMe Crowdfunding is an entire, Donation-based fundraising business. 

How does GoFundMe Make Money?

GoFundme used to earn a 5 % share on raised money from the charity donation on the crowdfunding platform. Besides, Each donation has collected, Approximately, 2.9 % of Payment Procedure fees with 30 % for every single donation. Every Cash raised on GoFundMe Platform will go to the fundraisers.

Business-Ready GoFundMe Clone Script:

Ready-made GoFundMe clone script is always better than creating your one... Secured in power-packed features for administrators, campaign organizer as well as donors. Because the ready-made GoFundMe clone script has more benefits. the unnumberable features are listed here


► Ready-made Solutions

► 100% Customizable

► Overfunding Support

► Powerful Insights

► Multilingual Support

► Social Sharing Integration

► Eye-catching Template

► High Confidential Global Payment Gateway 

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CashCraft where you can get all types of Crowdfunding Script. We are Specialized to develop a   Custom Crowdfunding platform based on your demand. CashCraft is One-stop solutions for all your fundraising based Business Platform. Offers Ultimate ready-to-launch Crowdfunding Software with complete features required for any new startup.

crowdfunding clone script

The Conclusion:

The Crowdfunding Industry has countless benefits and it looks like a mass entry in the online business world. It is the right time to start your own Crowdfunding Business Platform like GoFundMe and set foot in the trillion-dollar satisfied Industry.

CashCraft can help you to develop your fundraising business which is designed to assist you to meet the Booming demand of a fundraising website like GoFundMe

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