How to launch a DeFi and NFT based Cashback Business like OctoFi?

How to launch a DeFi and NFT based Cashback Business like OctoFi?

In recent Days, Crypto & NFTs based - Cashback businesses are highly grown in the global marketplace. Day-by-day people show interest towards investing in crypto & NFTs based businesses and find new ways to start their NFTs based cashback platforms. 

Most NFTs are entering into cashback reward platforms in the starting stage in the e-commerce and cashback reward business platforms. A lot of business platforms allow NFTs to merge in the blockchain & Cryptocurrencies in the digital space.

For example, arts, music, video, digital content, and collectibles are purchased and sold as nfts used in the marketplace.

OctoFi is one of the leading cashback reward platforms where you can transact with the most trusted decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) to Earn crypto as rewards. Look at our previous article, that describes about the famous NFT based Cashback platform,Octofi.What Is OctoFi? A Guide To All-In-One DeFi and NFT Cashback dApp

OctoFi is one of the All-In-One DeFi and NFT Cashback dApp. People are looking for a way to replicate the octofi, crypto- & NFTs cashback business to make huge revenue in the global market. Octofi Clone Script is the easiest way to do that with less or no technical knowledge.

Let's see how the NFT based cashback business industry can use NFTs and enter the global market.

OctoFi Clone Script 

Crypto & NFT based Cashback script is to make a permitted application from existing branded apps. OctoFi Clone Script has an engaging website design, traits and performance applied to it.

OctoFi Clone Script is an application script that covers all current features of the branded Crypto & NFT based cashback reward platform like OctoFi with the same benefits and additional features.

What is OctoFi?

OctoFi is a crypto & NFTs based cashback reward platform that permits for the transaction of the most trusted decentralized funds(defi)and NFT(non-fungible tokens) into the markets. Earning Free Crypto is the main motto of OctoFi. OctoFi dApp: an all-in-one decentralized application that provides convenient direct access to a wide range of DeFi and NFT markets.

This crypto cashback platform referral partners are:

1. NFT Marketplace: Open sea
2. Decentralized Exchange:1inch,paraswap
4. Flat gateway: Transak
5. Instant Exchange: Coinswitch
6. Loans: aave

We get a commission when you transact with our partners through our dApp. 100% commission goes to token holders.

How OctoFi Works?

OctoFi introduced its OctoFi dapp, which saw the arrival of their all-in-one operating system, with many new features, laying the foundation for the continued integration of third-party defi products.

OctoFi  cashback mechanism is built into:

  • OctoFi dApp
  • OctoFi Wallet
  • OctoFi Token

Most of all OctoFi is top of the successful business model in the  Crypto & NFTs based cashback platforms. We cashcraft is one of the Crypto-based cashback development companies in India. We provide 100 % replica of octofi clone in the latest integrated features and add-ons for your requirements.

Our main features of OctoFi Clone:

  1. Powerful Admin Dashboard
  2. Governance
  3. NFT Marketplace
  4. Exchange & Invest
  5. Pools
  6. Gift cards & More
  7. INKubator
  8. Crosstopus
  9. Crytpo with flat

Our Add-ons into Script:

  • Added Borrow & Lending
  • Added Tokensets
  • Fiat off-ramp / on-ramp
  • Web& Android App Development
  • Enable fiat gateway
  • Simplified Navigation
  • multi-chain connectivity
  • Progressive Web Apps


Crypto & NFTs based cashback is growing fast and it is amazing to see how cryptocurrency  & NFTs based cashback is evolving spontaneously. Since there are many utility cases for Crypto & NFTs, big adoption can be a corner, and what is the best way to get Crypto & NFTs rather than getting crypto cashback whenever you buy. With Crypto & NFTs cashback plans, it is even better to involve more people in the use of crypto. This crypto initiative addresses the shortcomings of traditional cashback systems, providing users with a highly effective and efficient cashback plan that allows them to get high value for their purchases, and also builds an excellent customer loyalty reward plan.

We CashCraft is the pioneer of the most promising Crypto & NFT based Cashback Development, based on an amazing Crypto & NFT. Cashback Biz Platform with the help of our 100% customized OctoFi clone script. It is a complete copy of the OctoFiwith the same functions and features. We provide highly skilled professionals to strengthen your OctoFi clone to install your business attire. Talk to our team members, tell them your crypto cashback rewards business needs and create your crypto cashback site likeOctoFi.

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