What Is OctoFi? A Guide To All-In-One DeFi and NFT Cashback dApp

What Is OctoFi? A Guide To All-In-One DeFi and NFT Cashback dApp

Almost entirely Crypto business World is evolving and creating innovative ways to accept mainstream taking on crypto. Among the traditional methods of making purchases, some businesses offer cashback rewards to customers for purchases. Crypto Cashback refers to a system that rewards people for purchases, but instead of receiving Fiat currency rewards, they receive their rewards in cryptocurrency. Interestingly, crypto users do not opt-out because crypto cashback reward plans offer customers crypto discounts when purchasing online and in some recent cases offline.

Growth in popularity

There has been an unprecedented growth in the popularity of crypto cashback applications within the crypto community, and this is the result of a growing interest in cryptocurrency, which may have been triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic that struck the world in 2020. Many people are more focused on being online so they are more prone to online shopping and more crypto-based information and investments.

With the growing popularity and success of decentralized funds (Defi's) and non-fungal tokens (NFTs), it is surprising that advanced crypto cashback programs are on the rise. An example of such an amazing crypto cashback scheme is Octofi, and the platform gives crypto when users make DFI and NFT transactions.

What is OctoFi?

First, let’s take a quick look at what is OctoFi . This site is designed to give you cash back for conducting transactions with their computer. They do this for transactions that use decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens markets. With a simple transaction, you make anyway, you can earn cryptocurrency without doing anything else. It is very convenient for the users and more and more people want to try the computer and see what they can do and what they can achieve.
Octofi users get a refund when they make a transaction in the trusted Defi and NFT markets, in many blockchains, through the All-in-One dApp or browser-plug-in wallet. The main goal of OctoFi is to create a community-owned decentralized finance platform.


Octofi was launched by an anonymous group in mid-August 2020 without venture capital support. Its ERC 20 own token, Octofi, was issued by public sale on September 14, 2020.
Octofi has introduced its Octofi Dapp 2.0 release, which saw the arrival of their all-in-one operating system, with many news features, laying the foundation for the continued integration of third-party Defi products.

OctoFi dApp:

This part of the OctoFi dApp process deals with direct access to the DeFi and NFT markets. Everything is done in one place, which makes it easier to get yourself involved and try things out. And since it is an all-in-one processor the connection can be made more convenient.

Octofi Wallet:

This wallet can actually lower your fees because they are built-in. You can get even more support for the networks you want and some of the best features related to NFT, which makes it easier to invest without user tracking.

Octofi Token:

Finally, you get a token that offers admin and exclusive features and gives you revenue sharing. Not to mention that this is an ERC-20 that runs on the Ethereum network, so it gives you simultaneous security and versatility.

Delving in Deep

Let’s take a closer look at the various features and functions that are currently available, which will be operational very soon. After we touch on each of these, it is good to take a closer look at each of what you can find, how they can work for you, and the needs you have in your own decentralized financial plan. It starts with the dApp which allows access to everything about this site.


This is really the key feature of the whole site, and it offers a refund through your transactions. It is an early product for the company and it is designed to be as simple as possible so new individuals can feel more comfortable in the world of cryptocurrency. For those who do not know what they are doing, this processor helps them walk around and makes the whole process easier along the way. This will definitely lead to a big improvement and more and more people will start with cryptocurrency as a whole.


The wallet is not currently available through the computer but that will be the main point of the whole thing. This will allow you to download and start making transactions immediately through referral partners, which will help you earn a variety of cashback. This system will provide more features and will be the cornerstone of the project. While the app is an essential feature to get these benefits, you need to download the wallet to qualify for the new commission and revenue sharing that goes with the process.


OCTO tokens are part of the system's administrative process. These tokens allow you to distribute revenue and get extra features. You can buy them from Octophy or Uniswap, which provides a safe and secure way to get started. Your revenue share is a specific, proportional amount based on OCTO compared to current revenue distribution. Take a snapshot taken each month to confirm your OCTO percentage and make sure you are getting the amount of income you deserve.

This crypto cashback platform referral partners are:

1.NFT Market place: Opensea
2.Decentralized Exchange:1inch,paraswap
4.Flat gateway: Transak
5.Instant Exchange: Coinswitch
6.Loans: aave

Source At:https://octo.fi/

We get commission when you transact with our partners through our dApp. 100% commission goes to token holders.


Crypto cashback is growing rapidly, and it is amazing to see how cryptocurrency brings spontaneity to evolution. With so many utility cases for crypto, major adoption can be a corner and what better way to get crypto than to get crypto cashback whenever you make a purchase. With crypto cashback plans, it is even better to engage more people in crypto usage. This crypto initiative addresses the shortcomings of traditional cashback systems, providing users with a more effective and efficient cashback plan where customers get more value for their purchases, and it also creates a better customer loyalty reward plan.

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