Dosh Clone App - To Build a Success Making Cashback Reward App Like Dosh

Dosh Clone App - To Build a Success Making Cashback Reward App Like Dosh

Dosh Clone

Dosh Clone is a cashback reward app that delivers exciting functionalities to launch a perfect cashback app just like Dosh. Dosh Clone inherits the functionalities of the existing Dosh app whereas it is suitable for user customizations. A owner who purchases a Dosh Clone can offer enriched cashback services to a user. 

It comes up with N number of E-Commerce sites with a wide range of products. One who purchases a product from it can be relished with a cashback offer. With a Dosh Clone one can effortlessly launch a cashback reward application integrated with user admin panel & it’s management functionalities as well.

Features Of Dosh Clone 

Exciting Deals
Hot deals and rewards are awaiting for your users, it could be coupons, promo codes, or deals. Now your app is wide open for new deals and offers.

Coupon Codes
While purchasing, your user can redeem a coupons code. It’s one of the mostly liked gifts that your user loves it. 

Notification Alert
Instant alerts and notifications makes your app more authentic. It keeps your app alive as users stays on your app for a longer period of time. 

Instant Cashbacks
Instant payments makes your Dosh application as a user’s first priority. Mostly a cashback app takes 2-3 week to offer a reward whereas Dosh clone is developed in a way to offer instant rewards.

Surfing To Store
It is open for searching products from the store. A relevant products can also be surfed from it.

Recommended Coupons
A coupon that is popular among users are list on top and it is recommended to the other users. 

Tracking Cashback
Live status is updated to the user. Once a cashback is offered it will be reflected in the user’s back account.

Benefits Of Dosh Clone

End-to-End Customizations

Perfect solution that offers customizability, a client can add upon his/her requirement for further modifications.

Ready To Launch App
Instant launch is possible on devices like android/ios. 

TailorMade Solution
Design features customizabily is possible. Themes and logo can be added to make the app look enriched. 

It is completely scalable and offers 100% scalability. New features can be added when it is required.

Admin Panel
Admin panel integration lets to initiate transactions and enables to manage it when a purchase is made.

Analytics Report 
Growth percentage and transaction rate can be predicted with the support of this report.

How Our Dosh Clone Works?

Step 1: Register
You have  to step up with the signup up option to enjoy with a cashback reward. Everything starts up after you signup. Certain details like email address, contact number and other user details are necessary for a user to complete the signup process.

Step 2: Profile Creation
Entire personal details can be maintained on your profile page. You can add upon the details such as phone number, profile picture and much more. Payment history can also be maintained here.  

Step 3: Link with your bank account
It is a essential step to be done. Informations such as bank account details/ debit card details must be added for the cashback to be successfully carries out. 

Step 4: Search Products
A list of products, sellers, and it’s offers are displayed on the home page. From those displayed list a user can search a product that they want to purchase. 

Step 5: Apply coupons
After a enlisted product is filtered and yet to be purchased, a coupon is availed for a user. At the time of payment a coupon is redeemed 

Step 6: Flash Cashpack Payment
Once payment is progressed the payment for cashback is carried out perfectly.

How To Start A Cashback Reward Platform With Dosh Clone?

Are you ready to take a big step?

Obviously you can start your dream business right here with our Dosh Clone App! The right way to launch it is by approaching a Cashback Development Company. One can get a best experience if you get app development solutions from our team at CashCraft. We take responsibility for integrating E-commerce website pages along with products to offer rewards. Talk with our experts and get clarified about the design features and insights. 

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