Lolli Clone Script: Things You Must Know Before Starting a Bitcoin Cashback business like Lolli!

Lolli Clone Script: Things You Must Know Before Starting a Bitcoin Cashback business like Lolli!

To Start a Cryptocurrency Cashback Reward Business like Lolli, CashCraft provides Lolli Clone Script which includes all the existing traits of the major Bitcoin Cashback Reward Lolli.

Lolli Clone Script

Bitcoin Cashback Reward Clone app is to make a permitted application from existing branded apps. Lolli Clone Script has an engaging website design, traits and performance applied to it.

Lolli Clone Script is an application script that covers all current features of the branded bitcoin cashback reward platform with the same as benefits and additional features.

You can earn when you shop online!

What is Lolli

The Well-resourced New-York based Bitcoin Cashback Startup allows cryptocurrency-savvy online customers to get Cashback in bitcoin by Lolli 's Extension. Lolli is a free browser extension and website that lets you easily earn bitcoin when you shop at retailers.   

I believe Bitcoin is the bank of the future & all that's missing is Lolli. -Alex Adelman  (Founder of Lolli)


LOLLI CLONE - The New Voice of Bitcoin Reward Biz

Bitcoin Reward is the trending and Hottest topic in the Cryptocurrency Space right now. Almost each and every industry vertical is moving towards Digital Currency transactions to the day to day process.

Lolli is the Unique industry that offers a Bitcoin Cashback Reward Program to your customers and retailers.

How to get Bitcoins via your Purchase?

The following steps to get free bitcoin through make purchase at Bitcoin Cashback reward Website Like Lolli

1. First of all, you need to go to the Bitcoin cashback Reward site. for example, Lolli (

2. Simply, add the extension & signup the bitcoin reward Platform.

3. Once you signed in, you can view the connected affiliate (merchant), partner's shops

4. Select your Merchant partner and make purchases

5. the browser extension is activated when making a purchase and then enjoy “stacking sats” as you shop online.

6. You will be notified of the quantity of BTC you have receives after you have made a purchase.

7. Get your Bitcoin from your Lolli Wallet


Users can earn a bitcoin cashback rewards scale from 0.8% to 40% of the purchase cost by shopping at merchants. Each & every Merchant partner sets their own “cashback” as crypto back rate.

Lolli has an affiliate network of over 500 retailers. Supported Merchant Stores and sites like Walmart, Priceline, Overstock, Marriott, Best Buy, Footlocker, Macy’s, GAP, Hilton, and many more!

How does Lolli Work

Generally, the Lolli team sends bitcoins to users When User purchases with one of their affiliate partner stores.  Users may get browser notification from the Lolli extension. 

Whenever user reaches a retailer site, & user will eternally miss this chance to earn free bitcoin cashback for all your online purchases.

Why Lolli Clone Script

you spend a lot of effort, high cost, and your valuable time when you start a bitcoin cashback reward business from the scratch.


The development cost is very expensive. So, a bunch of Business tycoons has chosen the Bitcoin Cashback Reward Clone Script as Lolli.

The Lolli Clone Script which enables you to onset your Bitcoin Cashback Platform dynamically. It'll aid in saving your money for launching your crypto business, deployment, time and so on. 

Let us list some highlighting traits of Lolli, which makes you clear that why to start a Bitcoin Cashback Reward like Lolli.

Highlights of Lolli

⇒ Easy to use of Lolli Account

⇒ 750+ Supported Merchant Store

⇒ Within 24 hours, Bitcoin Cashback 

⇒ Support your Browser Extension

⇒ Ultra-secure data & Transactions

Bitcoin Cashback Reward Business

The Famous Cashback Websites like Rakuten, Ibotta, Top Cashback are Drop for example, though  The revolution of bitcoin 

Many guys are finding  how to get Cryptocurrency Cashback as the best path to pocket additional free coin

What CashCraft can afford

CashCraft - Most Popular Cryptocurrency Reward Clone Script Provider, Offers the Specialized Lolli Clone Script to start your own Bitcoin Cashback Reward Apps as like Lolli. We Develop Lolli Apps with ground-breaking features to stand out from the over-crowd.

CashCraft rendering an innovative Blockchain Cashback Solutions to clientele beyond the tech world and business scale. We Create a Bitcoin cashback Reward scrip with easy to use, scalable.

Our Innovative Features of Lolli Clone

Below Innovative Features of CashCraft's Lolli Clone Script that yield for your and Stand out from the Cryptocurrency Space Crowd.

⦿ Bitcoin Withdraw 
⦿ Multiple Payment Mode
⦿ Cryptos' Exchanges in Rebates Options
⦿ Instant get Cashback Option
⦿ 850 + Cryptocurrencies Support
⦿ Crypto Rebates Features
⦿ Crypto Cashback Redeem
⦿ Multiple Merchant Support
⦿ Easy to manage and Use
⦿ Crypto cashback Browser Extension - Chrome, Mozilla & Safari
⦿ 100 % Customized Lolli API
⦿ Shielding Secure your Customer Data & Transactions
⦿ RTL Support
⦿ E-Wallet Support
⦿ A-Z Filter
⦿ Missing Bitcoin Rewards
⦿ Extension Reminder - Notification
⦿ & Much More

Benefits Of Starting a Bitcoin Cashback Reward Business

Not only Crypto investors, Business Peoples and Enthusiast have started towards a Bitcoin Cashback Reward Business. because this business industry provides a vast range of revenue, cryptocurrencies, boost Return of investment, and other benefits.

Business Benefits

◙ Launching a Bitcoin Cashback Reward business, 

◙ Serve Cryptocurrencies to your Customers.

◙ Supported with hundreds & hundreds of retailers among the globe.

◙ All-round Player in Crypto community by having the crypto cashback platform

◙ Get Crypto Profit by owning this kind of platform and integrate crypto exchange to uplift your bitcoin reward business

◙ Distribute your Biz Brand Token while they Shopping and exchange your Token to any cryptocurrencies.

Customer Benefits

◙ Easiest way to earn cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, BTC, litecoin, tether and so on.

◙ Earn Free bitcoin while Shopping

◙​ Use the multiple merchants to shop and get some volume of the bitcoin

◙ Invest your collected bitcoin to Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform and get ROI in the form of Cryptocurrencies

◙ Earned bitcoin to invest ICO Crowdfunding Market which also get double earnings of your investment

◙ Invest your Bitcoin to create a token for your Future Cryptocurrency Business 

◙ Exchange your Bitcoin to fiat currency

Our deft in blockchain-based Cashback Reward development empowers us to afford custom blockchain-based cashback solutions for applications. Explore a tech world of opportunities with our outstanding services designed to furnish you with the pulpit you need to succeed.

Get ready to start your own bitcoin Cashback Reward Business, It is the perfect time for Start bitcoin reward business yourself!

CASHCRAFT - The Industry Leading Affiliate Cashback Solutions Provider

CashCraft is the most promising Cryptocurrency Cashback Development pioneer that makes a stunning Cryptocurrency Cashback Biz Platform with the help of our 100 % Customized Lolli Clone Script. Its complete replica of Lolli Clone with Functionalities and features.

Talk with our teammates, tell your Bitcoin Cashback Rewards Business Requirements and build your own crypto cashback platform like lolli.
Get a Free Business Quotation Instantly!! 

Build your bitcoin cashback Reward like Lolli

We’ve all dreamed of a way to earn bitcoin without spending our hard-earned, but slowly decreasing fiat dollars.

Not upsets, you can become an owner of a future successful cryptocurrency exchange website, and can raise a high market cap with your business. 

Time to reward Yourself with CashCraft's Lolli Clone Script  ⇔ Live Demo


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Disclaimer: CashCraft does not have any tie-up with Lolli and we are not doing any promotional schemes for them. We offer services that don't affect any brand or individual and we just use the brand name "Lolli" for easy recognition and clarity.

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