What Is GoSats ? A Complete Guide To Indian Bitcoin Rewards App

What Is GoSats ? A Complete Guide To Indian Bitcoin Rewards App

Despite the uncertainties that regulate India’s crypto industry, companies continue to launch their crypto based products and services in the world’s second-most populous country(India). GoSats, a Bitcoin (BTC) reward company, has recently joined this trend by launching a cashback reward card for Indian customers.

Now it has launched a new cashback reward card in India, which will lead to the widespread acceptance of digital assets in the country.GoSats Introduces India's First Bitcoin Reward Application and Card To Commemorate India's Independence Day. The platform has a mobile app and browser extension that offers high cashback on all major brands including Amazon, Flipkart, and Starbucks. 
Partnership with the Reserve Bank of India

The interesting thing about Cossacks' new product is that it was developed in association with the National Tariff Corporation of India (NPCI). NPCI is a non-profit organization under the direct authority of the Reserve Bank of India.

The organization was set up to promote digital payments and settlement systems across the country. With Cossacks' new product, they're taking a step in the right direction.

The GoSats app is accessed through a mobile application and browser extension to get users cashback from major brands such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Flipkart.

GoSats is built on layers, a smart contract platform that runs on top of Bitcoin. More precisely, GoSats Stocks uses Clear Smart Deals, which allows users of the app to earn Bitcoin with an STX token.

What is GoSats? How do  GoSats Work :

GoSats idea is to bring Bitcoin to one billion people in India easily and intuitively. Stokes Accelerator executive partner Trevor Owens said. GoSats is a big supporter of DeFi on Bitcoin and aims to use Stacks' blockchain smart deals to help users reap the benefits of their accumulated Bitcoin.

Also, the company differs from other crypto exchanges in that it rewards users with Bitcoin rather than investing in cryptocurrencies. This is a difference that can make a difference as regulators are cautious when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Rotate the Bitcoin wheel after each swipe and earn up to 100% on your purchase. Chance to win 1 full bitcoin with each swipe.

This startup was built on Stocks, an open network for smart deals and decentralized applications for Bitcoin. GoSats Reward Cards use Stocks Clarity smart deals and "stocking" where users lock their STX tokens on the network to support security and consensus and, in turn, "earn bitcoin exchanged by miners as part of the transfer certificate."We replace card points, miles, and other regular loyalty plans with Bitcoin. We are working to launch a card program that rewards you Bitcoin with every swipe. How easy it is. You have to top-up the bucks on the card to stack the shots with each swipe.

History :

India, August 30, 2021-Versatile Bitcoin Reward Company GoSats has launched India's first Bitcoin Reward Card on August 15, 2021, to commemorate India's Independence Day.GoSats CEO, Mohamed Roshan, “We are pleased to bring you an offer that will enable every card user to earn cashback on Bitcoin at every cost. Previously, our users received Bitcoin cashback on specific brands through our app. We hope to find out. In the prepaid / debit card segment we hope to install the Gosats card as the most effective card. Gosats is a Bitcoin Cashback Rewards application that stacks chats every time you shop. This way you do not get caught up in the control terms and conditions for recovering your cashbacks, without expiration dates or minimum purchase requirements.

Basic Features Of Gosats:

  • Earn  Bitcoin on your Shopping on Your Phone on iOS.

  • Mobile Shopping & chrome extensions

  • The Daily Stacks

  • Faster Reward Confirmation Times

  • Referral Bonuses

  • Option to view rewards on Bitcoin or Satoshi

  • Growing Network of Retailers

  • Share your referral code

GoSats implements a different cashback on each card cost. The bitcoin wheel is activated by each swipe. Bitcoin rewards will be immediately credited to your GoSats account as the wheel spins. Purchasing gift vouchers will also enable instant Bitcoin cashback. The return period from 45-90 days is only pending for shopping by affiliate merchants. Launched in February this year, GoSats has amassed 15,000 users in six months. This is a good achievement, but it certainly allows for growth in a country of 1.3 billion people. India's relationship with Bitcoin is unstable. For some time there was a general ban on cryptocurrencies in the air, but it has now been removed from the table. Meanwhile, the industry in the country has grown rapidly. WazirX, owned by Binance, for example, saw 2,600 percent growth since its inception. Interestingly, a large number of users.


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