Top 3 online business ideas with low investment and high profit

 Top 3 online business ideas with low investment and high profit

Are you searching for an online business to startup with a low capital and high ROI? We have fetched out some Top 3 online business opportunities from the top of the heap.

#1 Ecommerce Business

E-commerce business getting stronger in India

Indian online marketplaces getting much stronger than ever before, it is because the Indian people are getting evolved into the digital technologies, and engage themselves with social media and online purchasing.

The increasing counts of smartphones users spur the growth of e-commerce industry. In recent days, the country has witnessed high revenue in e-commerce sales, especially through smartphone users.

"With more than 220 millions users,
India is now world's second highest smartphone market as of 2016."

The government steps towards the digitalization and demonetization created a huge impact in the online business. And expected to grow further because the government has promised for broadband networks in more than 250,000 villages and public wi-fi hotspots by 2019.

Sure India will increase its mobile users count in upcoming years and it will result in the growth for online sales especially through E-commerce platforms.

#2 Affiliate Marketing

Utilize the Growth of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also playing a lead role in online business sales. It can be broadly divided into two partitions namely Affiliate networks and affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing plays as a spontaneous revenue digger for both the advertiser and publishers.

Affiliate networks are emerged into the marketplace and provides service as a business for connecting the affiliates with advertisers.

Although affiliate marketing is at primary stage in India. The following factors will bring up the scope and hope in future for it.

1. Low risks and High ROI
2. Benefit for both advertiser and affiliate
3. Growing number of service providers to set up the affiliate programs/software/network.
4. Increase in internet penetration.
5. Growing craze for e-commerce portals.

#3 Cashback, Offers, Deals Business

Cashback / Coupon websites are getting enormous growth online industry!

The growth of e-commerce and affiliate marketing has ended up with the growth of affiliate cashback website. Yes, websites like Cashkaro, and others are earning high commission for making sales to the retailers.

The payment commission is provided on the following criteria

  • CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions)
  • CPC( Cost per Click)
  • CPA(Cost per acquisition)
  • CPL(CPL or Cost per lead)
  • CPS (CPS or ‘Cost per sale’)

Affiliate cashback websites like CouponzGuru, Pennyful, CouponsDuniya and Cashkaro, provide coupons or cash back options to customers that may be used while making a purchase on any merchant site.

If you want to start a business in India better choose any one of the above business ideas and get ready to work for it.

Cash craft – provides a high-end solution for both e-commerce business startup and affiliate business startup. Affiliate cashback script is the spotlighted one which can be a 3 in 1 solution for the above-discussed business ideas.

Make your decision simply with cashcraft!

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