4 Factors Which Boost up's the Online Business Growth In India

4 Factors Which Boost up's the Online Business Growth In India

Indian e-commerce marketplace has seen an immense growth in the past five years. There are a lot of factors behind this success but the arrival of smartphones and trust among online purchases have acquired a unique place in this list.

Lets's have a look at the four factors which boosted the online businesses!

#4 The role of mobile network providers!

Leading network operators like airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, and BSNL has extended their network services in various forms and focused on improving customer base. The heavy competition resulted in providing the 3g network and then it has extended to 4g. This continuous and sequential growth grabbed billions of smartphones user to their network. Finally it has turned as an opportunity for online businesses to pick their customer easily.

# 3 Smartphones became rocket booster for online sales!

But the arrival of jio has affected the entire network drastically. The company has announced free calls and the free internet for billions of people last year . This free 4g internet service has gained a huge customer base to jio. Jio indirectly improved the e-commerce sales in India for the proof shop clues was the first e-commerce partner with jio.

The increase in smartphone usage – extended network service- and online sales are correlated with each other in their growth.

# 2 Online purchases become trustworthy and cheap!

It is an another growth factor which boosted the online/e-commerce sales passively. Yes by experiencing the many online purchases people have witnessed online products have good quality and cheaper in price than offline purchases. Word -of– mouth marketing also supported to improve the online purchases. Amazon, Flipkart and snap deal are the leading e-commerce players in India. They maintain their business growth by proper output and positive feedback from the customers.

# 1 Coupons & cashback offers!

Leading and most important factors in this list.A business should focus on not loosing their customers, instead of gaining more customers. By keeping this in mind many online businesses have come up with cashback and coupon offers especially the e-commerce platforms.

The increase in cashback sales resulted in the growth of cashback websites too. And now this cashback business is turning into most wanted online business in India.

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