7 Tips to Develop Cashback and Coupon Website In 2021

7 Tips to Develop Cashback and Coupon Website In 2021


In this Modernized world, entrepreneurs are searching for a cashback reward platform to succeed your business ideas to startup their reality. You must know some steps to build your cashback & Coupon website development in 2021.

Most developed & developing countries are looking forward to starting their cashback website development in 2021. However, not all of them are familiar with these key technical and business model challenges. If you are one of them, this blog will help you

We Cashcraft will tell you everything you need to know about Cashback and Coupon website development. From market figures to the business model and development process to the overall cost, we cover all key features. The cashback coupon industry is trendy, So we need to have a strong cashback website solution to compete and stand alone in this environment.

Before what are the key features you should have in your cashback and Coupon website development solution, let me share important statistics about the cashback industry as a highly profitable business.

The cashback & coupon industry is mainly based on e-commerce stores. Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $ 6.5 trillion by 2023.

As many people buy in e-commerce stores, the cashback coupon industry is more likely to believe in super growth.

In India alone, the cashback and coupon business value is Rs. 500 crores and increasing. Moreover, India's e-commerce sector is growing at a rate of 51% per annum, the highest in the world.

We discuss the key features to consider during Cashback Coupon Development.


Key Features to Consider During Cashback Coupon Development

1.Earn bonuses and lifetime % age :

It is good that thousands of people are promoting your brand (cashback website) and spreading awareness based on experience.

Therefore, it is important to have Refer & Earn features in your cashback website script. Customers will be happy to reap the benefits of cashback by sharing it with friends and family. We cashcraft provides a cashback script cookie-based refer and earn program, which can be promoted via social media, Email, and SMS, etc. 
Refer and Earn promotion is very attractive for new customers for your business.

Impact of this feature:

You can run Refer and Earn promotions without fear of being misused. Get thousands of real and genuine users on your website by offering attractive referral bonuses.

2. Automatic renewal cashback status

Once the customer has placed the order, the merchant or affiliate network order status is pending. After the merchant verifies the order, it will be updated as confirmed. Finally, once the return period is over, it is set to be verified and then it will be paid.

These levels need to be updated in real-time so that your customers can check their earnings and withdraw cashback.

Impact of this feature:

Possibility of late updates, incorrect updates, and bad user experience. The admin needs to be very alert every day to update this.

3. Easily customizable user interface

New innovative front designs are becoming a necessity to compete in the market. You need to keep customizing your website design for users with better experience and better performance.

Impacts of this feature:

All affiliate business owners have had great difficulty customizing without programming knowledge and encrypted scripts prevent you from customizing without the support of those script providers.

But now, the Cashcraft Cashback script has been developed to easily and quickly migrate to other websites / user interfaces.

4. Automatic monitoring

The cashback website monitors every cashback data with the help of a linked network. Your cashback website must be properly integrated with affiliate networks. Therefore, all data will be synchronized automatically without any delay in tracking cashback to customers.

cashcraft developed a cashback script that captures all outgoing clicks. It is tightly connected using Rest API with all leading affiliate networks & merchants viz;

1.Flipkart Direct

2.Snapdeal Direct

3.eBay Direct


5.Optimise Media Group







Impact of this feature:

Export CSV from these multiple sources every day or several times a day. Format the CSV file according to their model CSV and then import.

Because of this, it takes time to track cashback and the user experience is hampered, prone to mistakes, and vulnerable to users. Also, it is very difficult to keep track of daily status updates for past orders.

5. Smart cashback calculation

The type of cashback system varies from category to category. There are basically 2 types of cashback. One is flat cashback and the other is% age cashback.

Problems for cashback website owners are constantly changing various offers during global and seasonal sales. So, the website administrator may have a smart cash-back calculation.

Impact of this feature:

This is especially important when merchants change their commission structure frequently. Most scripts cannot handle dynamic changes in commission% or amount.

Cashback with Smart Cashback Function is designed to ensure that any changes to the script commission do not affect your profitability even if you fail to update the framework in a timely manner.

6. Email Alerts

You need a robust automated email system to keep track of each of your customers' cashback, tracking updates and status, missing cashback inquiries, and referral system performance. You can import customer emails through registration newspapers. Also, offer limited-time offers by email. Getting customers back can be very rewarding.

Impact of this feature:

Users can now track their cashback automatically. Easily access customer support team to get cashback if missing. They will be notified each time a promotion occurs. It promotes and enhances the shopping experience of the users.

7. Fraud user detection

Your cashback website should have a feature to prevent fraudulent users from registering the same IP address and fraudulent users from registering multiple volumes multiple times to prevent harm to the healthy environment of the referral and earnings plan.In addition, the SMS API offers thousands of SMS bundles, which is great for a start.

Impact of this feature:

Run your website with maximum real users and give them real rewards by improving the overall user experience. Also, the SMS sending API offers an SMS bundle for free, which is great for beginners.

Conclusion :

These are the top 7 features that should be in fully automated with efficient cashback coupon development solutions for a profitable start.

There are many other things you need to know before you start creating your cashback website. Your startup will always need strong support functions that will help you run your website in the right environment.

For now, all cashback startups often face challenges and issues during the initial setup. I advise you to choose an advanced company like Cashcraft, which has the best-experienced development team.

Cashcraft Affiliate Website Development Company has been affiliated with Cashback for many years and specializes in the cashback coupon industry and has a good understanding of the business.

Check out the demo website of the cashcraft cashback script here.

Build a Powerful and colorful Affiliate Cashback Business with the help of CashCarft!!!

Are you ready for Better Business Experience?

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