How Much Does it Cost to Build a Cashback Website?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Cashback Website?

People are asking a leading question when it comes to building a cashback website is, "How Much does it cost to build a Cashback Website?"  The main fact is the cost of building a cashback website depends completely on your demands, needs, goals and spending money.

If You are looking to build a cashback website then, you should know the essential things. 
one is hiring a professional cashback developer who develops a cashback website with multi-purpose features. If you are not tech-savvy. then this is for you. you can hire an hourly, weekly, monthly basis from cashcraft. Charge less than 15 $ per hour only. 

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Another one is the needed things to build a cashback website. You can consult the cashback website development. they develop a cashback website instantly.

What are the things do you need to build a cashback Website?

Below these 6 things needed to build a cashback website.

1. Domain Name

2. Cashback Script

3. Affiliate Partners

4. Business Identity

5. Website Hosting

6. Cashback Website Templates and Designs

After completing these 6 things, freely you can run your own Cashback Website among the market place. Discover more.

Depending on your demands and requirements, building a cashback website can cost anywhere starting 499$. If you need a rich - features, tailor-made cashback site, it can go as $3000 or more.

To build a cashback Website, you 'll need to have a budget for the domain name and web hosting. The combined cost is quite cost-effective.

The separate cost will be charged for web hosting and domain. So, you can reach Cashback Website Development. Generally, 98% of the peoples are going to build their cashback websites from cashback script providers. They charge less amount for developing the whole cashback site.

Cashback Industry Leading Player - CashCraft

CashCraft is THE BEST Cashback Website Development that furnishes affiliate cashback script with complete solutions to our clients at a shoestring budget. Having 10+ years of experience in this field. Delivering World-Class Result with short span time.

We provide effective plugins and add-ones which make your cashback website a more attractive and profitable one amid the online market place.

Crucial Aspect that plays a major role in Cost.

Figuring out your Requirements:

Elaborate information is significant for a cashback Website development which can assist you facile way to find out the cost estimation. determining your requirements and wishes that bring you the exact cost of website development.


Plugins are essential to integrate your cashback website which may give a user-friendly outlook. so, your customers effortlessly stay and buy your Merchant partners' products. Then you can make more money by owning the cashback website with powerful plugins.

For Example, Cashback Browser Extension. It saves your customers time and money while shopping for your cashback website. Simply install the Cashback Browser extensions plugins and earn a huge profit from your cashback website.

✅ Social Media Integration

✅ Cashback Wallet

✅ Notification emails Pop-ups

✅ Cashback System Plugins

✅ Partial Payment

✅ Refund Using Wallet

✅ Minimum Cart amount setting for Cashback System

✅ Transaction History

✅ Merchant pannel

Customized Settings for Cashback either fixed or percentage-based

✅ Cashback Script Plugins are defining your approximate budget. 

cost of cashback development

Cashback Add-ons:

Cashback Add ons are really useful for enlarging your cashback business. Cashback Plugins like Brain of the body.

for example, Auto Sales Tracking. Your customers purchase the things through your cashback website. how do you get your commission?

YES! Auto Sales Tracking addons

Through these plugins, you can get your commission from your merchant partner. here, the following example of cashback add-ons.

✅ Display scratch coupon card in the popup window

✅ User can scratch the coupons with the movement to win tempting offers, cashback and get a unique promo code

✅ MLM Addons

✅ Increase Cashback Website usability by engaged users in the store.

✅ Custome pages / Single page

✅ Global Payment Integrated

✅ RTL Support

✅ Euro Currency Tools

Premium Features:

The Premium Cashback Solutions is the complete script that assists you to sell your products through your online Cashback Business Website. Affiliate Cashback Solutions used by businesses, startups, Online Retailers are want to sell products. It's one of the best cost factors for cashback website development.

We Provide the Plugins, Addons, Premium features to our Clients at a Shoestring budget. If you want to develop Cashback Clone Website Script like Ebates (Rackten), Topcashback, Cashkaro, Shopify and more. Start a Free Trial Today!

Estimate Cost:

Now we've seen the primary cost factor of cashback website development. Now, we new look out the estimated budget.
The minimum Cost of Cashback Website Development is $499 up to 3000$.

Additionally charge the amount to development such as plugins add-ons, premium features.

Often changed the cost of cashback web development based on client requirements and needs. Get a free consultation from our CashCraft Team. I hope it's a negotiable budget for your cashback website development or shopping websites. Drop your Queries on mail to

We offer the Ready-made cashback Script with white label Solutions. It $499 cost (up to) to build a cashback website. Get a Detailed Pricing plan of your Cashback Website Development


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