Step by Step guide to build a Decentralized Crypto Cashback Applications

Step by Step guide to build a Decentralized Crypto Cashback Applications

One of the most valuable Online Shopping Industry is the Skyrocket growing amid the Digital age. Experts are predicting that Cashback and Coupons will overrun $2 trillion in sales in the upcoming years.  


Already, we discussed, a bit more of a nuts and bolts explanation of Decentralized Crypto cashback Applications and benefits

This blog post continues on the previous blog. let's continue. . . 


This post focuses the out and out guide how to build a Crypto Cashback Platform on Decentralized Network - blockchain and end-to-end Solutions. You’ll build a basic decentralized Cashback Platform by the end of this article.


Take a glance of DApp


The Abbreviation of Dapp is Decentralized Applications which means that is designed to be run on thousands of computers simultaneously. It's' an open-source and no entity controls. DApp's data must be encrypted and stores on the Public Blockchain.


Types of DApps:


There are three types of DApps

Type I - Own Blockchain Nodes Used

Type II - Smart Contract based apps is that is ethereum in this type 

Type III - Underwrite the tokens by using type I protocols





Blockchain Technology gives more potential for Cashback Business Platforms, Payments, decentralized Market place are the main use cased of this industry. 


As we know the blockchain is a distributed Ledger and its' transactional data are stores across many different computers. 


Each and every block is linked to the block before and after it creating a Chain. Linked the multiple Computers, no central authority controls the data which gives blockchain being very secure, trusted, and immutables.


We build a Cashback Platform in Blockchain Network. 




  1. Decentralized – No Middle Man
  2. Open Source – Everyone can view the Code.
  3. Cashback/ Rewards– Crypto Cashback tokens are used to reward network Shoppers / Customers etc..,
  4. Protocol / Algorithm – To generate tokens that reward network members
  5. Blockchain – Data stored cryptographically in a blockchain Nodes.



Blockchain Network to build DApp:


>> TRON Blockchain

>> Waves Blockchain

>> Aeternity Blockchain

>> Minter Blockchain

>> Tezos Blockchain


We use any kind of Blockchain Network to build Cashback platform. We use Tron, Ethereum Blockchain. Generally, Ethereum blockchain is the best Network to build a Decentralized Cashback Platform.


You build a Cashback Platform by Decentralized Nodes. First of all, you should choose a Network Type, and Create a Node, connect it to the selected Network. 


Write & deploy a Smart Contract and Build a Decentralized Application to interact by using smart contract


Step by Steps to build a Decentralized Crypto Cashback Applications Successful


Here are simple steps to build a Decentralized Crypto Cashback Applications.


(I) Know your Project: Before, you build an online business it's very very important that you understand the complete Crypto Project.


(II) You should plan the end to end functionalities, business model; needs and requirements to build a decentralized Crypto Cashback



(IV) Select the Suitable Blockchain Network to your Crypto Cashback and Coupons.for example, Ethereum, TRON so on.., 


(V) Choose the Some of the Cashback Features, you are going to add the Ethereum Network.


(VI) Create a White Paper: Once you have a clear idea about your Crypto Cashback Business. starting the process of writing a white

paper to assist business owners to understand your thought


(VII) Write Complete Plan to your Smart Contract on Blockchain Network


(VIII) Deployment of Smart Contract for your Decentralized Crypto cashback Applications.


(IX) Launch your Token (If you distribute your own brand Token then take this step)


(X) AB test your Crypto Cashback Project. You should audit and then to take the next step


(XI) Lanch your Decentralized Cryptocurrency cashback Application Platform for Proper functions,mobile-friendly and easily accessible


Monetization Options:


Business Owners can Make Money b Charging multiple kinds of fees like,


Advertisement Fee:


The Ad Posting Functionalities is an effective method to Purchases, the owners of the site can get a commission from Merchants and retailers.


Listing Fee:

More Retailers are List their Products to Your Cashback Platform. So, you can make money by list their products.


Get Bitcoin:

Get a Free bitcoin by Purchasing your Cashback Platform.


Serve Digital Currencies:


You can Serve some percentage of Cryptocurrencies to your customers.


What CashCraft furnishes You?


CashCraft is the most trusting Decentralized Crypto Cashback Application Development Company Worldwide. We build an advanced Blockchain-based decentralized Apps for business Enterprises and entrepreneurs. 


Our dApp developers build an amazing Cashback Platform are wonderfully designed and we are experts to build a custom - made Cashback Decentralized Application to solve problems and increase the customer base. Our team of developers build a backend on the Blockchain that is more secure and upgradable.


Feel free to book a live demo for any Decentralized Crypto Cashback Applications from CashCraft. Our team of experts are always available to support you with unique Crypto Cashback Dapps Platform.


Build a Decentralized Crypto cashback Application!!! Be the Boss!!



Media Contact:

Call/ Whatsapp +91 9489831622





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