How To Build a Bitcoin & Crypto Rewards App Like Pei?

How To Build a Bitcoin & Crypto Rewards App Like Pei?

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Pei App is the trusted Bitcoin Reward Company that provides Bitcoin in the form of Cashback to their Customers for Purchases. They are the first Bitcoin Reward Business with linked Debit & Credit Cards and its' actively using 25 technologies.


Headquarters: Western US

Company Type: Profit

Founders: Michael Jannain, Tom Bachar

What’s New PET: Version 1.1.2 Release



Business Model of PEI - Bitcoin Reward Platform:


Bitcoin Reward Business which means that Earn and Serve Bitcoin among the Cryptocurrency Space.


Business Owner Offering Bitcoin as Cashback to their Customer Shopping. Customers can Purchase via Bitcoin Reward Platform like Pei and receive Bitcoin to their Wallet. 


Customers can earn bitcoin while shopping. Also, customers can use Crypto Trading platform, get more rewards by the way of holding your bitcoin in your wallet which means 'Stacking' and more ways to invest/use your bitcoin to stand out the Crypto Community.



Advanced Features of PEI:


◘ The Uniqueness of Pei app is Linked Credit and Debit Cards. Get Cashback in Digital Currency like Bitcoin, BTC and Fiat Currency such as Dollar, Europe, Rupees and more on your Linked Debit / Credit cards.


◘ Build a Pei app by using 20 trending technologies


◘ Shielded Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway


◘ It uses a bank-level 256-bit encryption for end to end encrypted communication. So, Customers’ Information has more safe and secure


◘ Unhackable Cryptocurrency Wallet


◘ 2 Factor Authentication for secure every step of the way


◘Transport Layer Security TLS for Privacy when in transit and much more



How to Start a Bitcoin Rewards App Like PEI?


Before we get too far ahead, let's explain why prefer Mobile Apps for Crypto Startups?


Nowadays, Usage of Mobile Apps, Smartphones are increasing randomly. 89 % Customers are using mobile devices for their purchase of desired things via Mobile Apps.  The Important Key Factor of Choosing Mobile App for Bitcoin Reward Business Platform


  1. Increasing Visibility.
  2. Gain a Customer Loyalty
  3. Your Brand Recognition
  4. Better Social Networking
  5. Customer Accessibility



Bitcoin Rewards Platforms Offers some reward points to its potential customers. A mobile App allows the business to offer a reward System to its' dedicated Customers. This in turn attracts more customers and simultaneously grows your Bitcoin cashback Business.


Bitcoin Rewards App will make it future-ready. It will help you in securing a strong crypto brand presence in the Crypto Startups



Integrating cryptocurrency / Wallet Support to your cashback Apps is pretty short. Here are the simple steps to start Crypto & Bitcoin Reward Apps.


Step: 1

Get the Domain Name for your Cryptocurrency Cashback Business for example, com It the Prime factor of starting bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Cashback  


Step 2:

Purchase a Bitcoin Cashback Reward Script is the base of your business platform. which allows you to launch your own Crypto Startups


Step 3:

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Integration: After Purchasing your Bitcoin Reward Program Script, you can integrate Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway


Step 4:

Connect your Merchants Partner: Connected your Online Merchants Partner to your Crypto Cash Back Business for purchases. This is another important factor of Connecting your crypto Affiliate Partners.



Step 5: 

Website Hosting is a storage system where your bitcoin cashback website lives online. A Users sees your cashback domain name in a browser that will fetch your cashback website content from your website host How many visitors are coming to your cashback website depends upon your hosting. The cost of your Business hosting will increase as well as your visitor also increases. 


If you have an Online Platform then, you will upgrade your Crypto Reward Platform


Step 6:

Customized your Crypto Reward App. A countless of things to be considered from site optimization, website theme and templates. Attract your Customers by Eye Catching Designing Your Crypto Reward Platform


Step 7 :

Finally, Launch your Own Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin Reward Platform. Also, you can create a Token for your Business Brand. Increase the liquidity of your token when Distributing your Token to their Users.


These above 4 steps to set up your Own Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Reward Business Platform



Where to Develop a Hack-Proof Bitcoin Rewards App Like PEI?


We at CashCraft - Industry Leading Player to develop a stunning Affiliate Cashback Platform with Plugins and add-ons which enable you to Launch your own Cashback Platform amid the Market place. Now, we enlarge our services to our Clientele by the way of offering Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Integration.


Rendering Cryptocurrency Cashback Script to Launch your own Bitcoin Reward Business Platform like Pei. This allows you to develop PEI like Crypto Platforms which are replicas of PEI Mobile Applications. Crypto Cashback App both Android and IOS Applications. 


In Order to Make a Fortified Crypto & Bitcoin Reward Mobile Apps. You are highly recommended to build a platform like Pei. 


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