What kind of crazy idea is Affiliate Marketing?

What kind of crazy idea is Affiliate Marketing?

The idea behind Affiliate industry is that you promote merchant people's products through your website,earning a commission if people buy products via your streamline.

It's almost based on revenue sharing.If you have a website that list products and want to sell more,you can award promoters a financial incentive.If you are not owning a website and want to earn money means you can promote anyother product you feel has lot of value.


The finest definition of Affiliate Marketing ,

“Affiliate Marketing is the concept of earning a commission by promoting merchant's products.You can choose a product what you like,promote it to consumers and earn a part of commission for each sale made on mechant's website.”

We can also derive this concept in other kind of mode like,




The Merchant :

Sometimes called as product seller,creator,vendor,or the retailer.

This character creates the product for consumer's purpose,it may be a Big company or individual effort . They are unique in their selling ,example johnson & johnson brand,selling products for kids.

The Affiliate :

Called as publisher ,advertiser..

Affiliates are vary from single interests to entire company networks.It is the place where marketing actually happens.An affiliate marketer promotes the merchant's product ,it's where the place earning commission for a sale takes place .

Merchant would be paid for the product sale made by individual or a company.

Example ,Cashkaro,quidco..

Consumers :

End user,Normally the sale endup with the person would come in the place of consumers.



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