How to Monetize by owning Location-based Coupon App?

How to Monetize by owning Location-based Coupon App?

Location-based Coupon App has Skyroketeing popular around every nook and corner. Online Merchants and business magnets are using location-based coupon apps to set exciting offers to the customers who just happen to be nearby.

These kinds of Coupon apps provide unlimited offers and deals. At the same time, online merchants and brands attain their business reputation and make a huge profit. Your Customers are also enjoyable in shopping nearby with amazing deals.

The Scalable Coupon app made for android and IOS which provides offers and deals based on Your Customers' Locations. Complete Location-based Coupon Applications was built from the scratch with the multi-support backend functionality. Merchants can add their online store, or shopping store location and upload multiple deals. 


Let's have a detailed look of Location-based Coupon App

First of all, we should know the What is Location-based Coupon APP,  How does work it and

how to make money by owning the location-based coupon app.

Exactly, What is the Location-Based Coupon App?

The location-based tactic is a phenomenon works across the industry. For the most part of the Shopping Industry. Because of some of the retailers, shopping business owners are using their applications to notify their customers 

How does it Work?

When a person with store credit on their account proximity a store location. Online Retailers can send them a location-based push notification. There are two methods of location-based Coupon Apps.


(i) Location-based Push Notification

Push Notifications are sent to your App Customers based on the customers' data. Customer data are collected by your Coupon App alike IP address, Country, region and city.  Simply targeting your customer's living location.

(ii) Geo-Triggered Push Notification

Triggered Push Notification when a user physically passes proximity specific geographic region. These kinds of triggered push notification are made by geofences that are tracking through GPS. Once users step within the geographical fence, a push notification sent is triggered. 

Statistics: Location-based Cashback Development Services

The above Stats shows that the number of od location-based services users in the US. Around 150 million users were accessing location-based services on their mobile devices.up from 200 million in the upcoming years...

Source: Statistics

Inspiring examples from top brands

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is Famous Cashback Coupon Apps on the market place. around 275 retailers are participating in the Ibotta. and its Geo-location features make a snap to find stores and products (or) services in your regions.

2. Rakuten 

Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is a cashback app. Rakuten having 2500 retailers. Users can save money on their purchases through multiple ways such as Coupon COdes, affiliate cashback, double cashback.

3. is a mobile-based coupon app that provides printable coupons, digital coupon codes, and cashback offers.

4. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is the best cashback Coupon Website. The app will come up with a list of in-store. you can use cashback and digital coupons also redeem instore coupons from your phone. You can also share your coupons with your friends and other peoples. Get amazing deals and expiration, the validity expires alert. so, your user can never miss a sales...By using Location-based features, the coupon app will alert or notify you whenever you are in the proximity of a great deal.  

5. SnipSnap

SnipSnap is the Coupon App available for iOS iPhone and iPod Touch and Android Devices.  The Coupon App uses some of the data to ground-breaking features like Location-based Cashback/ Coupon. It offers Expiration date reminders, alerts, location-based notification, push notification, QR code, and Barcode Readers.

Popular Cashback Website Clone

How to Make Money by owning a Location-based Coupon App?

Location-based Coupon App is a solid way to engage your customers and make a passive income of your business. according to the research shows that 70 % of the customers to find the push notification is valuable. 

Savvy business Peoples should be leveraging coupon apps for more than getting users to simply shop on their mobile devices. According to Rick Chavies, vice president of omincommerce, Montreal Canada, Business Peoples can monetize on their location-based efforts. 

Each and every enthusiast business magnets are want to launch its location-based coupon app. Even though, Home-based peoples are also want to start their own Coupon App (Shopping Business)

Business Owners are frequently asked, Where to start my own business? How? Which?

A lot of questions running on your mind.

No Worry!

We CASHCRAFT - Leading Coupon web/ App Development Company that offers Coupon App with an abundant feature which enables you to launch your own Coupon App/ Website on the Market Place. We are Expert to build your own Coupon app with Location-based features

Affiliate Cashback Solution for frictionless Shopping Business

99% of Peoples have simply deleted your app when After seeing a dozen pop-ups, notifications. Avoiding this situation, We provide location-based coupon services in "Ask for Permissions". User can access ann location-based features in your coupon app for the first time, ask for permissions will come to your screen.


Adding more location-based features to your Copon app for Android & IOS. We also include your coupon app welcome notes with multi-purpose features. We offering 360-degree Coupon Solutions which allows you to grow Business. 

If you're interested in setting up location-based Coupon app then Drop your queries 


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