Ready-made Affiliate Price Comparison Clone Script for Business Tycoons

Ready-made Affiliate Price Comparison Clone Script for Business Tycoons

Affiliate Price Comparison Business Website is the burgeoning day by day. Millions of the peoples are preferring to buy the products through online shopping website by comparing the multiple products at the different store (affiliate shopping merchants ) at a very low-cost budget.

Affiliate Price Comparison Website allows users like Finding, Comparing and Searching the best products with relevant prices, offers, and deals

In this blog, we are going to see  the following concepts :

1.  What is the price comparison site?
2.  Significance of Price Comparison Script:
3.  Why do people need to use price comparison websites?
4.  Top 10 Giants of Affiliate Price Comparison Websites
5.  Price Comparison Clones Script 
6. Product Data Extraction
7.  User & Admin Panel Benefits
8.  Features

What is the price comparison site?

Price comparison sites are also called online shopping comparison website. A shopper is used to filter products and gather data of product prices, product features, products reviews, shipping and delivery options, and other products criteria.

Significance of Price Comparison Clone Script:

► Price comparison script is to manage user by assisting them to compare prices and features of ‘n’ number of products. 

► With price comparison script, your Customers can review the features and quality of the buying products

► This Abolished the Users' difficult in choosing the products by manual comparison across various comparison website to buy online.

►  Affiliate Price Comparison Business Websites have raised revenue via sales commission and affiliate from Online Merchant for ultimate sales.

Why do people need to use price comparison websites?

1. To Save Money
2. To Save Time
3. To Have Vast collection 
4. To have access to trendy products and cashback/ coupons
5. To have access from a different store

Top 10 Giants of Affiliate Price Comparison Websites

1. Google Shopping

Google is the No. 1 Price Comparison Website among the shopping engines. Google Shopping is formerly known as Google Product Search, Google Products and Froogle. 


The best  Source for an online retailer is watching to discover competitors selling alike products and compare product pricing amid competitors.  Google Shopping is the Services provided by Google. It allows users to search to compare products to make purchases.

2. Yahoo Shopping

Price comparison Engine as Yahoo Shopping which is close to google shopping.  The Yahoo Shopping Engine is easy to use.

3. Bizrate

Bizrate, comparison platform offers a variety of products. A Multiple Features that makes  Bizrate stand out from the crowd.

4. Nextag

Nextag is one of the most beloved comparison shopping sites. It allows shoppers to place a price alert, compare retailers, find related products, and more. User can get the best deals, offers from sites like Amazon, Flipkart and more.

5. MySmart  Price

MySmartPrice is a comparison platform which discovers the best products across a wide array of categories such as, Mobiles, Electronics, Computers, Fashion and Lifestyle, Cameras, Books, Appliances and Personal Care.

6. Pricegrabber

PriceGrabber comparison shopping platform Cater to the  Best Tools for users to do a deep search about the brans and products

The combined advantage of using PriceGrabber as a merchant is that your profile goes listed on Yahoo Shopping also.

7. Shopzilla

Shopzilla is the Online comparison Engine. Every Month N No.od users are checking out Shopzilla to compare the prices of different products.

8.Shop To It

Shop To It enables  Canadians to find the best prices locally. Shoppers can find the best deals from e-commerce sites such as Amazon,, Overstock, Zazzle and more.

9. Price Runner

 Price Runner’s UK price comparison website compares websites from topmost retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other top UK brands. It has a fresh and easy-to-use with a rather modern outlook. And if you prefer to buy the product locally, it’ll even direct you on where to go.

10. Gimme Shopping Australia

Gimme Shopping Australia is the best Australian affiliate price comparison engine that allows shoppers to find the best prices.

Online retailers can elect to have their products listed on the platform for free. Gimme Shopping platform can assist online merchants to drive more traffic to their online stores.

Price Comparison Clones Script:

Start your Own Price Comparison Website utilizing our price comparison clone that begets High ROI on affiliate sales commissions and clicks through rates. With affiliate price comparison clones to take your business next level.

Affiliate Price Comparison sites are becoming increasingly popular for comparison Prices. This kind of website allows you to find via many categories such as Business, Entertainment, Finance, Health, Lifestyle, Security, and Technology, and choose among dozens of several merchants.

Wanna start your own affiliate comparison site at shoestring budget?

CashCraft is the right place to develop your own affiliate comparison site at a shoestring budget. Rendering a life-time upgrade for your online comparison shopping engine.  we provide the global affiliate network partners. So, it is a facile way to integrate affiliate networks to your sites.

Product Data Extraction:

>> API Extractor:

With this, you can automatically import the various products and prices from all affiliate merchant partner who provides API.

>> XML Extractor:

It is another feature of affiliate comparison script as it caters the CSV and XML based product feed.  Import Product and Prices feeds that are tracking online shopping from multiple locations.

Above two Data Extractor also provided by CashCraft. It can help you to integrate online merchants data collection into your site.

The Master of Price Comparison Website Development Compay - CashCraft:

CashCraft, a Pre-eminent Price Comparison Website Development Company providing a 360-degree solution for Startups and entrepreneurs to stimulate their affiliate comparison business within a few hours!

CashCrfat rendering Price Alerts Feature for users who can receive often price alert of products. Search Engine Activity tester monitors all crucial search engine on your website.

 "We are one who provides the Global Affiliate Network"

User & Admin Panel Benefits:

1. Business admin can oversee the Functionalities and performance and procedure of the website.

2. Affiliate Price Comparison Script enables you to competently ask for your merchants' clicks, subscription, sales support much major payment Gateway system.

3. Eye-Catching Price Comparison Themes & Templates. It's very easy to setup & gets an attractive storefront.

4. Social Integration can support your business to reach globally.

5. Create a Price Comparison Script Software by using Trending Technologies. 

6. Business Owners can count up to the unlimited products, services, categories, and prices pertinent to your requirements into the price comparison site

7. Powerful admin panel which you can easily manage all the view of the comparison site and its' easy to operate your website.

8. Use of Affiliate data feed script, integrate your affiliate partner into your comparison site.

9. It's the unique advantage by containing online merchant panel in affiliate comparison script. Its'  facility to operate, manage and organize the price range of every product as well as the sales commissions.

10. Business Owners also can use a WordPress plugin that easy to operate compares to others.  

 Popular Price Comparison Website Clone Demo 



⇒  Customizable Solution

⇒  Advanced Technologies

⇒ ​Free ad-on

⇒ ​Free SEO Support

⇒ HTML5 & CSS3

⇒ ​100% Responsive & Mobile-Friendly outlook

⇒ ​100+ Pricing Tables Style

⇒ ​Month/Year Pricing Plan

⇒ Price Comparison Table

⇒ ​W3C Valid HTML Code

⇒ ​Comparison Browser Extension

⇒ ​Fully Customizable

⇒ ​CSS3 effects

⇒ ​Easy integration

⇒ 24/ 7 Technical Support

CashCraft can assist you to build your own Affiliate comparison sites. Our highly experienced affiliate comparison developers make use of the latest technology, API, Plug-ins, Tools, and Ideas to make your online shopping-comparison engine secure, safe, fast and advance. To manage your company or business with CashCraft. 

Providing various offers and services which are more adaptable for our clients. The major features of CashCraft is that satisfy the needs of our clients. Those who want to get a major victory in the business means sure they can have a deal with CashCraft.

If you have a plan to burgeoning an affiliate price comparison website or to upgrade your existing website, then it is superb scope  to start with CashCraft

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