Corona Virus Outbreak - Significance of eCommerce Platform

Corona Virus Outbreak - Significance of eCommerce Platform

“E-commerce is better off because stores are closing and people are at home playing on the internet,” says Stuart Rose, a partner at investment bank Mirus Capital Advisers "

With In-Stores are Closed, 99% of the customers will shop online for the first time. Especially, Cashback Sites... Groceries, Household things are the main categories.

The Corona Virus will give a long-lasting boost for online merchants. In that environment, Many of the online stores are rasing in the rocky economy. Recently, Amazon has placed “massive orders” with two retailers' companies.

Specially, The Online Grocery Store has started becoming familiar with a few companies getting into the business. Because people are buying through online shopping only. so, they do purchases grocery, other essential things through online shopping stores.

At that time, Cashback sites are more engaging with consumers. Everyone wants to get extra something on their purchasing. Cashback sites are giving to their consumers to receive money back from their shopping.

Online food and grocery sales are growing. It has a wonderful distribution service and Consumers will be surprised by the vast range of catalogs. From Cashback site, thou find in the local supermarket and you'll be getting fresh groceries, food, other household things, beauty products, accessories and more at the best price. Consumer buys thing through the cashback sites. users can get cashback / Coupons to save more money on your shopping.


The Corona Virus is shivering the entire world. some of the countries are in lockdown for controlling the virus. This very difficult situation for us.  All country governments are telling to their people STAY AT HOME and save lives.

Countless people are facing a major issue like buying groceries, food, household thing, medicines so on. So some governments have declared that don’t come outside, People can buy groceries and medicines online like eCommerce. Even though people can get a discount on their shopping. So 92.9% of the people are choosing a cashback site for their shopping.

Recently, many business peoples are starting to launch an online shopping store like eCommerce, cashback coupons sites. You can serve a good service to your loyal customers as well as you can make money in a short period.

One-Stop Solution - CASHCRAFT

We CashCraft offers Cashback Script for All industry-wise like the online grocery store, Food Store and more.  We are experts to build a cashback and coupon site with the help of an amazing cashback script at an affordable price. We are using an Agile Methodology. So, you can easily run your cashback site.

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