Swagbucks Clone Script to Kickstart Your own Cashback Platform like Swagbucks

Swagbucks Clone Script to Kickstart Your own Cashback Platform like Swagbucks

Swagbucks Clone Script


Swagbucks Clone Script is Fully White label and Readymade Cashback Website Clone Script. This Script is made of website language such as PHP, JAVA, Ruby on Rails or any other. WIth this Readymade Swagbucks Clone Script one who can start a Risk-free Cashback Platform web & Mobile Apps Like Swagbucks.


We CashCraft - Cashback Clone Script Services Provider deals the ultimate Affiliate Development Strategy to build a Premium Swagbuck CLone Script Solutions


What's New: 


► Cryptocurrency Support 

► Blockchain Network

► Advanced Technology

► Real-time accuracy

► Brand Token Creation


Swagbucks Version: Advanced Version 3.0 (2021 Version)


At CashCraft Provides Cashback Clone Development Services and Software Solutions to build your own Cashback Website and Mobile Applications like Swagbucks.


Swagbucks Clones Enables Users to Shop their platform, get cashback for their Purchase & save your money. Same as Swagbucks can be built to functionalities can be customized as per the needs and demands.


Pre-Packed Swagbucks Clones:


Swagbucks Clone is a Cashback Website Script Pre - Package that can develop a completely Affiliate based Cashback Shopping Platform Like Swagbucks. This Swagbucks Clone Script comes with 100* Transprancy MLM Plans Refer and Earn, Reward Points, Gift Cards and so on., 

with the help of Auto Sales Tracking Features, Business ower can track the Transaction record and user can track their Parce i.e Order.


If you are looking to make money from home in the Pandemic Situation, you can choose online shopping business ideas. You can start the cashback website clone platform like Swagbucks. We rendering a readymade Cashback Clone Script, You can claim the live demo of the cashback Script & Swagbucks Clone Script below here


N: Just take 2 minutes!! Just Try it...



What is Swagbucks?


Swagbucks is the Us based popular Cashback Platforms. Launched in February 2008 and paid out over $263,716,484 in cash and free gift cards. Swagbucks is the fun rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online.


Headquarters - United States

Revenue: $54 Million in 2013 

Launched Feb 27, 2008


Swagbuck Business Model:


Cashback & Daily deals business model works by allowing merchants to sell the products at an affordable price directly to their Customer of the Cashback Company. WHich receive a share of the Merchants Profits. It is called AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS. This ALlow merchants to build a business brand and loyalty. Swagbucks is works based on affiliate commission by selling the connected merchants like Amazon, Flipkart and more.



You have the option to try a ready to go cashback script to fill out the form specifying therein your own requirements & needs. Our team will catch you, after minutely studying your specified requirements, get down to the business of shaping and evolving the website of your choice - however elaborate and intricate.



Top 3 Cashback Site like Swagbucks:


Some of the peoples are developed their Cashback & Deals sites like Swagbucks even better and also generate a passive income. Here are some of the top 3 alternatives to Groupon


1. Survey Junkie

2. PrizeRebel

3. Qmee


Swagbucks Clone Script Features


1. Multilingual

2. Global Affiliate Network

3. Integrated ChatBot

4. Cashback Multi-level Marketing

5. Crypto Wallet

6. Lucrative

7. Get Cashback instantly

8. Auto Sales Tracking

9. Missing Cashback Notification

10. Get Cashback Offline Too!


How to Create a Cashback Website like Swagbucks?


To Create an Affiliate Based Cashback Platform like Swagbucks, you need to support from Cashback & Clone Developers and a readymade Swagbucks Clone Script with Customized Features. You can connect with the Affiliate Partner Country-wise of Global wise. So that, they can ist their product to your platform and sell their products to get a commission from it. So to create a such a Customized Cashback Website like Swagbucks you should connect with cashback clone developers.



Benefits fo Starting Cashback Business like Swagbucks?


If you decided to start an affiliate cashback business then, it will be lucrative based on the key factors.


(I) Can make Money more from home during the pandemic situation


(II) It s the easiest way to earn a huge return of Investment


(III)Already Cashback Websites are legitimated. so, you can attract more users by your trustability


(IV) Win - to-WIn situation fr both affiliate and Your Customers.


(V) One People can mange and un their own affiliate cashback platform 


Bonus Benefits Point:

You can make a huge Profit by each and every user's purchases and get an affiliate commission. You can earn money with short interval time.



How Much Does it Cost for a Swagbucks Clone Script?


The Cost of Cashback Clone Development may differ from one organization to others. If you choose the best one (Cashback Clone Development) who can help you with the flexible Swagbucks Clone to launch your own Cashback Platform web and mobile application for both Android and IOS like Swagbucks. Its' vert Cost Effective Solutions and much more Efficient


As for CashCraft, the entire cost of developing and deploying the Swagbucks Clone . The Cost of our Swagbucks Clone may vary according to your needs, demands, and requirements. If you want to more details, you can ask our team !! Feel free to ask with us. We assure you that all information received will always remain secured and 100% confidential.



Hate filling out form then, you can ping us Whatsapp to +91 9489831622

or Mail us sales@cashbackscript.net 


How CashCraft can help you to Create a Cashback Platform like Swagbucks?


CashCraft- Industry Leading Player cashback Clone Development Company that offering Swagbucks Clone Script is a one of the popular cashback website Clone script to build your own Cashback Business within 4 Days!!!


Now Exclusively, We are providing completely Cryptocurrency Support. You can enjoy Shopping with Cryptocurrency on decentralized network.


We catering the tremendous support and round clock availability at free of cost. We hope to launch this millionaire Cashback and Coupon Business by using Swagbucks Clone Script to earn money in a lucrative way during the COVID - 19 Crises 


Become a Millionaire by Launching Cashback Platform like Swagbucks




Best 5 Coupons & Deals Website Clone Script




Disclaimer: Cashcraft neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of ‘Swagbucks’. We use the terms ‘Swagbucks’ for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual. We provide white label solutions, so based on the client's needs the script we provide can be altered with their own brand name.


Our Swagbucks Clone Script stands amid the crowd in Clones Marketplace via the browser extension notification, Crptocurrecny Support, Auto sales Tracking and so on.,

At CashCraft, We develop and deploy the Swagbucks Clone Script with Powerfull Plugins of Cashback & Deals Platform. You can get a live demo of our exclusive Swagbucks clone script at free of cost.

You can connect N no. of Affiliate networks. Based on your requirements, you can connect a global or Specific country-wise affiliate networks.

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