How to Build Cashback Platform on Blockchain Technology?

How to Build Cashback Platform on Blockchain Technology?

The Revolutionary as Blockchain Technology being a Decentralized System has a lot of Potential to bring an abundance advantages fo the E-commerce and Cashback Industries.


Now, E-commerce and Cashback Industry has transformed the digital age with the help of the Internet and Smartphones. Shopping industry has skyrocket growth on the market places. A countless Business Owners and retailers are started to integrate Blockchain to overcome the hurdles 


We 'll go through the article about, the step by step to build your Cashback Platform on Blockchain Technology.


Table of Contents:


>> Blockchain Network

>> How to build a Cashback platform on Blockchain Technology?

>> Benefits of Using Blockchain Technology

>> Challenges Facing in the Online Shopping Industry

>> Use Cases

>> Blockchain-based cashback Solutions Provider 

>> Origami platform 

>> The Future of Ethereum Platform



Blockchain Network:


Blockchain is a "Distributed Ledger" A Revolutionary Technology as Blockchain is a decentralized P2P Network that directly Merges the User to the Merchant Site or Page without any difficult.


How to develop a Cashback platform on Blockchain Technology?



Benefits of Using Blockchain Technology: 


Here are some of the greatest advantages that blockchain offers the e-commerce and Cashback industry


>> Its' more Secure and Safe 


>> Decentralized Network Protocol. So, Manged by the Admin Directly  


>> Immediate payment without a middle man 


>> No need users Personal Information 


>> Auto Start Smart Contract that shatterproof 


>> Avoid the Security Issues


>> Automatically refund when your custom order cannot be delivered


Challenges Facing in the Online Shopping Industry:  


Online Shopping Industry is an exciting domain where surviving, sustenance and growth is a little bit of challenging one and also it's complicated. Below list out the challenges in Ecommerce and Cashback Industry


(i) More competitive Cashback and Ecommerce Market 


(ii) Build a Customers'Trust 


(iii) It has a lot of complicated process such as supply chain, payments, (iv) Managing theses process


Use Cases: 


Blockchain technology offers a much more potential for eCommerce and cashback business. Supply Chain, Payment Method Transaction, and decentralized Market Place are the primary use cases



Blockchain-Based Cashback Solutions Provider - CashCraft


CashCraft is a Leading Blockchain-based Cashback Solution Provider that serves Cashback Script Powered by Blockchain Technology to build and start your own Cashback Platform like Rakuten (EBATES), TopCashback, Cashkaro, RetailMeNot and More


CashCraft mainly focuses an innovation in Online Shopping Platform uplift to blockchain technology. The four Primary Modules are there in the Decentralized Network. Front end, Back End Merchant Admin Panel, Admin Panel


CashCraft is that empowers Cashback and COupons Startups with our best Product Cashback Script. Cashcraft 's main focus is to make a smooth shopping ecosystem inside a hopping to assist both Merchant and Customers.



Origami platform 


Build your own Online Shopping Powered by Ethereum Blockchain Network. In Origami Network has Escrow Payment method to make your Transaction more secure


All in One Platform in Ethereum Blockchain Protocol. Easiest Way to Create a Cashback and Online Shopping site based on the Decentralized Blockchain By using the Origami Network. 


The Future Of Ethereum Network: 


Already 6 + companies are Build an Online Shopping Market Place, Cashback & Coupons Sites by Origami Ethereum Network. In Future, a lot of Cashback, COupons. and Deals Marketplace build by this Ethereum Network 


Escrow Application ensure you secure transactions and payments. Using the Ehereum Smart Contract Protocol which enables an auto escrow payment management. 



Increase the level of trust using the revolutionary technology to build your own Cashback / Coupons and Deals Platform


Start your Own Blockchain-based cashback Platform within 10 days!


We are proficient in building robust blockchain solutions that bring a positive change to your e-commerce and Cashback business. 


CashCraft Cashback Script is packed with exclusive features of affiliate cashback Script and also Cashback Plgiins and API that can be integrated with any kind of existing Affiliate Cashback and Coupons Platforms


We CashCraft offers the out and out blockchain-based cashback solutions with prepacked Features and Plugins. Build your own Cashback and coupon platform powered by Ethereum Blockchain. One-Stop Solutions to sell products. 


You can ping us via Whatsapp +91 9489831622 or shoot your queries to



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