10 Must-Have Cashback Plugins for an Affiliate Cashback Store

10 Must-Have Cashback Plugins for an Affiliate Cashback Store

A Cashback Plugin is a piece of Script including a group of functions that can be added to your cashback website. It can enlarge a function or add a new Superfine features to your cashback site.


We CashCraft is the Industry Leasing Cashback Website Development that providing Affiliate Cashback Script which enables you to build an amazing Cashback Site / App for your own.


CashCraft's Cashback Plugin is the best Plugin to build an amazing cashback and coupons store on the marketplace. Business Magnets can use this Cashback Plugins to run a marvellous cashback platform. They can use the Global Payment Gateway system on their Cashback Platform. 

Let's discover more about the functionalities and benefits of the cashback Plugin


A ton of Cashback Plugins are available in CashCraft. These Cashback Plugins make your rich - Cashback Site and app and also give Best user-friendly cashback platform to your Customers.

Always, Cashback Plugins are written in PHP Language and integrate seamlessly to your Cashback Script. Cashback Plugins which drive your Cashback Business success and incredible flexibility and customizability.

Below the Detailed view of each and every cashback plugin list out. Each one is very useful to build a cashback site and mobile applications. 


Cashback e-Wallet Plugin:


Which allows you to get your Cashback on User's Purchases. The Cashback will be credited to the customers' e-wallet. Customers can use that cashback amount to pay for future purchases.


Comprehensive Report:

Online Retailer get a Complete report of used cashback and coupon codes with this Cashback Plugin.


Product and category-based Cashback Offers:

Online Retailer to make a cashback and coupon offers on selected Products or all categories. Online Retailers can create cashback offers and coupon code for every product by clicking the coupons. Customer can select the particular product under the category.



Facility to create a customized Cashback and Coupon Code: 

Online Retailer can easily create a custom coupon and cashback that API their customers' needs. Owner can set the amount of cashback in percentage.


Setup the limitation of Cashback Offer: 


Retailer can setup the limited cashback offer and coupon for each customer with the cashback plugin


Manage all cashback and coupon activities: 

With the help of Cashback plugins, quick and easy to set up the cashback platform to manage all the activities of this platform in one place

Missing Cashback :    

Customer can claim their missed Cashback offers and coupon code on their purchases.


Removing Coupon code and Cashback : 

you can easily remove cashback offers according to your needs. you don't want to offer cashback to your users, then easily you can remover 


Cashback offers Automate Coupons Expiry: 

Once your Coupon has expired, Automatically, deleted your coupons and cashback. 


If you want to extend or shorten the validity of a cashback coupon, simply edit the coupon and change the expiry date as per your need.


Automated Transfering cashback: 

After integrated your cashback plugin, automatically, transfer your cashback amount to your e-wallet


Viewing cashback History: 

Easily viewing the history of Cashback offers and with this cashback plugin. 


That's all!!! Now, you have everything you need to know about things needed to start a cashback site and mobile apps.



We offering 100 % Customized Cashback Script, Readymade Packages of Cashback Script Solutions to all over the world. You can comfortable with Global and selected country-wise third party Affiliate Partners. like UK Affiliate, Trade Doubler, Commissions JUction, AWIN, eBay partner Network, Groupon Partner Network, Amazon Associates, Pepperjam, Rakuten Marketing, Share a Sale, Uber, V Commissions and more


Superfine Benefits:


(i) Auto Cashback Transfer to customers' wallet  

(ii) Add Cashback Offers on all product categories (Selected) 

(iii) Risk-free Global Payment Features 

(iv) Comprehensive report on used Cashback and Coupons used 

(v) Better Shopping Experience for your customers - 

(vi) Quick and easy installation 

(vii) E-wallet System 

(viii) Easy and quick admin settings with a clean Interface


How cool is that!


If you want to build your own Online Cashback Store with Powerfull Cashback Plugin?


If you want to revamp your exiting Online cashback Site and app?


We are here to assist you to build a cashback platform in web and Mobile Application for Android and IOS. Delivers within 24 hours. We provide Round clock availability and also 24/7 Technical Support with lifetime Upgrades.

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