How The Digital India Plan Will Reflect The Growth Of Cashback Websites?

How The Digital India Plan Will Reflect The Growth Of Cashback Websites?


This article is going to discuss Modi's plan towards digital India and how it will cause the growth of online businesses.

What Is Modi's Digital India Plan?

During the election time, Mr.Narendra Modi has promised the two major plans about clean India, and digital India. After the election as a prime minister, he took initial steps to execute the plans. Based on that he initiated steps towards corruption and executed the currency demonetization. This whole process was implemented to pull out the circulation of black money corruption.

Many of the people are praising the prime minister for executing the strong plans. But on the other side,there are many people are suffering from running their routine life. And the next plan in the queue is expected to be cashless India. Cashless India is the plan which encourages the people to avoid real money and make every transaction via online.

How will the Cashless India make an impact in Indian economy and marketplace?

Sure the plan will reduce the circulation of real money and will reduce the black money corruption. Cashless India plan encourages the online transaction. Whenever a transaction happens online it is must pay tax. Payment gateways are the only intermediates who make the online transaction, so users will not escape from paying the tax. Also in another side the demand for real money will increase so the value of the currency will increase. People don't need to worry about securing their money and they can easily track their transaction history. Collecting the tax will increase and it will be paid to the government legally. As tax collection increases the tax rates will also reduce. Overall the cashless India is the plan which will reduce the black money only if it is executed properly.

How will the cashless India plan encourage the online businesses?

Undoubtedly after the execution of the cashless India plan, Every transaction will happen only through online. People will show their interest to buy online rather than offline.

Let us discuss a scenario ..after cashless India execution

A person is want to buy a watch. the first choice is he can visit his nearby shop. And the other one is he may browse through online. If he chooses to buy with nearby shop, then he will make the payment using his debit card. He will do the same kind of payment even if he buys through online. Here which is the best purchase? In user point of view, online purchase is the easiest way for him. Because Online purchases will save the consumers time and energy. So we can assure that after the execution of cashless India plan online purchases will grow rapidly. So It will cause the growth of online business.

How will e-commerce websites and cashback websites benefit through the cashless India plan?

Cashless India will increase the interest of online purchases, so people will prefer e-commerce websites even for small purchases. So we can sure that websites like amazon, Flipkart will more profit in future. Some of the top e-commerce websites are providing the cash back to the consumer for every sale, so after the execution of cashless India plan, there will be a heavy competition among these kinds of e-commerce websites.

Affiliate cashback websites:

If there is a competition among e-commerce, they will plan to execute more affiliate programs, and it will cause the growth of affiliate businesses. Here affiliate cashback websites will serve as highly profitable affiliate method. Let us think if you are the owner of affiliate cashback website and you are on a plan to display the different products from different vendors. Retailers of the product will provide you the affiliate link for each product. Whenever a user comes and visits your sites and make purchases via the affiliate link then you will b e paid a commission. The affiliate links are used to track the user purchase. Base on that the retailer will identify from which websites the consumer came. If your websites able to display multiple products from multiple vendors then you will get more commissions and can earn more profit. This is how the cashback websites will work as best affiliate marketing method.

How to create its own cashback website?

There are a lot of service provider are available online.But cash craft is unique among them. Our website script allows you to start your own cashback websites. And you can easily customize it. We offer coupon script, deal script, price comparison and more affiliate CMS development & e-commerce web development. Multiple API integrations are also available with our cashback script.

So This is the right time for you to become an entrepreneur. Start your affiliate business with less budget!

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