How Affiliate marketing will grow in the upcoming Years?

How Affiliate marketing will grow in the upcoming Years?

Let us have some predictions for Affiliate Marketing in 2017!

Effects of Demonetization:

The demonetization effects have a major role to play in how the Affiliate Marketing industry will pan out in 2017. A lot of e-commerce companies adopt them with new performance-based models, through that they can earn more sales. Due to the demonetization announcements shoppers give more important to online purchases. Because of the immediate change over affiliate websites provide deals and coupons, and use them to attract customers.

Cross-Device Tracking Technologies:

Online transaction via mobile app still remains the constant growth and seems to be not slowing down. Also, retailers offer high commissions for promoting their mobile app. Because of this affiliate gives important to set up cross-device tracking technologies.For this to happen, it is important that retailers should enable mobile app sales functionality. Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues are the example top retailers who enable sales transactions to happen through their mobile app. It is possible for a lot of retailers to enable the same this upcoming year.

Content Reigning Continues:

As like the past year content is remain as the king of affiliate marketing in 2017 also. Quality content earns more credibility, promotes the brand and also gives insights into the products to be sold. Either the product based content, engaging content or whatever may be, the need of quality content will not loss it importance.

Refer-A-Friend Gains Momentum:

Affiliate business are expected to focus on the refer - a- friend model. Apart from reaching larger customer base, it will help the business to reduce the CPA. The usage of social media still getting improvement among the people so we are sure that this model can become much more lucrative than traditional methods.

The boom in Cashback and coupons:

Indians are programmed in such a way that they’re always interested in a good bargain. So the cashback and coupons based affiliate businesses can never be dropped. Cashback offers allow the people to save their amount & which is the only reason for people to return and engage with affiliate websites. As well as in 2017 also, coupons and cash back websites will see a great success in sales, because such offers help users to get a great deal every time they shop online.

Let us look at the 2017 business module of cashback websites here!

“Cash craft” offers better b2b solutions for affiliate business. To become a leading entrepreneur in 2017 set up your own cashback website. These are few important factors that we can expect 2017 to bring with it. We hope a productive and happy year for all the affiliates everywhere!

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