Cashback Websites a Reason Behind The Growth of Ecommerce Business

Cashback Websites a Reason Behind The Growth of Ecommerce Business

Why are Cashback Sites More Popular In India?

Indian people are always loves bargaining and price sensitive during any product purchase. So that's why we could find endless queue in shopping malls during 50%off or festive season sales. Also, people search for such discount while purchasing online. In fact, these discounts, special offers, and cash back are the important driving forces behind the success of e-commerce websites. Cashback websites are very new and fair then discount/coupon sites. If you go through the recent reports, cashback sites now earn exciting 10%-15% sales in the e-commerce sector.

How can cashback help the business to retain its good will?

The highly competitive e-commerce market in India requires that market players, both, big and small, invest heavily on customer acquisition. Cash back and coupon sites offer deals, coupons and cashback money to help the e-tailers for enlarging their customer base and increase their product reach in the marketplace. Offering cash back is a popular alternative method to attract new customers also to retain the existing customers. Because if every purchase comes with more cashback then it can be redeemed during the next purchase…and thus the cycle continues. This will help such cashback website to increase their customer engagement.Acknowledging the plenty of benefits that affiliate marketing or cashback sites can help in terms of gaining a larger market share. Thus the strategy can be more beneficial for new and smaller e-tailers, who are yet to publish their brand in the market and struggle to drive traffic to their website.

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How do cashback sites operate on the principle?

1. Sign up on a cashback site,
2. visit your favorite e-commerce portal through its link on the cashback site,
3. Shop as you would normally do, and get the cashback on the purchase credited to your account on the cashback site.
This cash back can be redeemed while the next purchase happens. Unlike coupon sites, cashback sites allow users to hold points in their account and redeem cash back when they want. The low risk and high returns are the main reason are the success of cashback websites.

Check out the success story of top earning cashback websites

There are a lot of established players are in the affiliate marketing segment of India, but here are the top players we have provided you Cashkaro, Groupon, Mydala, CashDealKart, CouponDunia, CouponzGuru, and Pennyful. The official report of mydala states that the company claims an average of 2 lac vouchers every day and thereby the company generates sales up to 400 Crores INR per month.

Whereas CouponDunia, another leading cashback website generates sales profit over INR 20 crore for its affiliate partners. And Pennyful, one of the India’s first cashback websites provides over 1 Crore INR back in cash to its Customers. These numbers are indicative enough of the colossal contribution of the cashback industry in further improving the growth of e-commerce businesses in India.

Are you looking to start a cashback website?

Cash Craft – Offers an advanced solution in affiliate marketing arena. We are ready to offer you cashback script, coupon script, price comparison script, also e-commerce website script. Why still hesitating to start your business online! Get ready to earn without stress!

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