Business Plan to Start a Lucrative E-commerce Business Added With Crypto Rewards

Business Plan to Start a Lucrative E-commerce Business Added With Crypto Rewards

Over the course of 10 Years, Ecommerce Industry has evolved as a key part of the global economy. Especially, Cashback Industry is the major part of an eCommerce industry. Cashback Platform always brings a lot of innovative things to Entropreneurcial world. 


Mean Time Cryptocurrency Market has revolutionary in the Digital Age. Now Crypto cashback Business Market emerging on Marketplace. The first step is entering the Crypto market to the eCommerce industry. it is a Big revolution concerning the Multivendor marketplace.



Let have the detailed view of Token-based cashback Business Plan


Business Plan to start your Multivendor eCommerce with Crypto Token Cashback Platform 


Its look like a Multi-vendor Ecommerce Market place. Customer can purchase your Product through your Platform. Business Owner give Cashback Reward as Brand Token to their Customers. with the use of this token, Customer to exchange to Fiat Currency and Cryptocurrency. 


Rather gonna directly to online retailer store via the link from the affiliate reward platform The Customer get a your product (thing) from your connected retailer store. Also, get tokens instead of cashback money or rewards from the cashback website


Your Customer can purchase your product from the cashback website with special offers, coupons, and deas. Your customer redirects to your accepted Online Vendors. Consumer buys their favourite product. also, Get a Crypto Token from the Crypto Token Multivendor eCommerce Platform.




Blockchain Technology lay a vital role in this Multivendor Ecommerce Business. Safe & Secure is the Key point to having a secure Business. especially Crypto based business. Nowadays, Most of the Ecommerce business are integrating Blockchain technology to their Online Shopping Business. 


Online Shopping as E-commerce is the best use cases of Revolutionary Technology "BLOCKCHAIN" such as Faster Transaction, Sheild Secure, Supply Chain Management and theft prevention.


How does Crypto Token Business Platform Works?




Why to Start Crypto Token Cashback Business during Pandemic Situation?



Ecommerce is the expeditious growing Field. This kind of business is massive potential In 2019 Sales of eCommerce goes up to 3.5 trillion dollars. So, a lot of entrepreneurs are started to eCommerce platform and earn money.


Online Exchanges are skyrocket growing during COVID - 19 Crises. on the flip side, Digital Currency is too grew exponentially. According to the Exchange Stats, Thr trading volume per hour was 35 million dollars in 2014 But now in 2020, the trading volume has risen abundantly to 167 billion dollars


Growing Crypto Market by comparing these two stats. This brings to countless of benefits to people, company, organization, sellers, business owners and so one. 



Benefits of Launching Crypto Token Cashback Platform:


Here, I have listed benefits of Customer, Business Owner, Affiliates below


For Customer:


> You can buy all types of goods globally

> You can get Cashback as Reward in Crypto Tokens

> Send your Master Cards to hold and exchange

> You can save your Fiat or Digital currencies to your Mastercards (or) Visa

> You can exchange fiat currency to Cryptocurrency

> Customer can start ICO Initial Coin Offering Business using your token 

> Buyer can use this token where accepted Places like Petrol bunk. 

> Shopper can exchange your token to get fiat currency.

> redeem your token 


For Online Retailers:


> Retailer can join that Token Cashback marketplace

> Join without Charges

> Get Commission from your each sales

> Provide offers to your Customers

> Own the adjustable Cashback Volume Size

> Free Marketing of your Product


For Affiliates:


> Affiliates can earn easily with a short span of time

> Used the affiliate program and sale merchant products and get Big amount

> Invite your friends and Earn Money by MLM Features



Inspiring Example of Token Cashback Marketplace:


Zelwin is the first online Marketplace with P2P Platform where all collaborator can make huge Profit. Zelwin is the Token Cashback Services Globally. An immense benefits of this zelwin platform is for each and every purchases, customer get a cashback as ZLW token promised. Also, Customer will exchange the tokens to fiat USD, EUR or digital currencies Bitcoin, Eth, BTC. Send to their VISA card.


The CEO and co-founder of Zelwin is Nikolay Shkilev



For Entrepreneurs & Business Magnets:


Dozens of crores peoples will be left their job because of COVID-19. For these Peoples, CryptoOwners, Business Enthusiast It is the right time to start a your own Crypto Cashback Business Platform on the Digital Space. It is very Cost-Effective and it is the greatest arrival to start the Crypto Business.


What CashCraft Furnishes?


We CashCraft are a Leading Crypto Cashback Development Company that offers top-rated End-to-End Crypto Cashback Development Services Solutions with our Experienced Blockchain Developers & Crypto Experts to employ of cutting-edge tools and technologies. 


CashCraft providing Complete Technology support to your Crypto token Cashback platform. Pioneers in building a world-class Crypto Cashback Platform which makes earn & serve token on the Crypto market cab.



Premium Features of Crypto Token cashback Platforms


✅ 100+ Cryptos Support

✅ Trading with Token

✅ Referral/ Affiliates

✅ Ratings & Reviews

✅ Exchange commission

✅ Withdraw Commission

✅ MLM Features

✅ Multi-Lingual

✅ Advanced UI/UX

✅ Vendors Features

✅ Future Trading

✅ Exchange Chart

✅ MasterCard Secure

✅ Instant Exchanges

✅ Transaction History

✅ Missing cashback Alert and much more


Our CashCraft a build your own Crypto Token Cashback Business to your need and requirements, in your budget, and as per your deadline. You can Explore Innoatie, way to make, & Expand Grow your Crypto Token cashback Business.


Our Development Process is Analyse the business, Design and Development, testing to deployment with round clock availability even after your own Crypto token cashback Platform launched.


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